About Us

Next Dimension was a name Jym chose cause of the unique idea out in to the next time.

Our site is a Web site Design and Management company. First about the web site design. We do everything from simple web sites to blogs to full sites. As for the management part of the site we can help with updates and other behind the scenes things you will need as time goes on.

A little about us as owners. Jym has been around a while and knows how to do several things including selling. He is also a photographer and will have photos at the store.

As for me I am a simple person that learned how to do HTML starting when I was in Kindergarden so for the most part I have been working with it for years. I have also taken courses on and off over the last 20yrs or so as well. I do photography too and will also have photos avalible to buy from the store. I do needle crafts which will also be in the store and for sale, some will be special order as they take the longest to make personalized. I also have a my other business which will be scrap kits for both online tags, timelines and other things, and other kits which will be printable for making scrapbooks.

I hope you take a chance and see all we do and samples of our work through the site


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