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I wrote this tutorial and any resemblance is just by chance. The kit I am using is from Pink's Poetic Scraps called Fall Ball it is FTU which you can get


The kit I am using is from Pink's Poetic Scraps called Fall Ball it is FTU which you can get
Lightening mask by Lithium Flower you can get ( place this in your mask folder )
Grass Mask by Moonbeems and Spiderwebs you can get it
SuppliesBlack Cat amonst other things.
Fonts are as follows:Abbeyline.


Install these before opening paint shop to insure they show in Paint Shop.
  1. AAA Frames Foto Frame
  2. Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow( optional)

  3. Alien Skin Xenofex 2 (on av for lightening)
This tutorial was written in Paint Shop Pro x5. Some things may need to be changed to work in lower versions.

Open the following from the kit:

  1. FB 3
  2. FB 9
  3. FB10
  4. FB13
  5. FB14

The mask 38_ lightening LF if this is in your mask folder

Duplicate them and close the originals then minimize them.

  1. Open a new window 650x250
  2. Fill with white #ffffff
  3. Add new layer and fill with black #000000
  4. On the black layer add noise by going to the Adjust menu then down to add noise
  5. Add a mask layer by going to the layer menu and down to load mask from disk and find the mask mask 38_ lightening LF after you do this your picture should look like this : masklayer-dkk
  6. Merge the mask layers and the white layer so you have one layer.
  7. Open the file fb14 from the kit and size down on the height to 250px
  8. Copy the fb14 and paste to your new file and move to the left size .


  9. Size down the witch FB13 , copy and paste to your working picture, placing it on the far left in front of the tombstone(left side)


  10. Go down to your house layer and duplicate it on the top of the two layers change the Blend mode to Overlay
  11. Open the pumpkin FB3 and size down to 35px(width) and place in your new image as shown below


  12. go to the top of your layer palette and add a new layer then fill with a dark green ( #0b5d0d)
  13. Go to the layer menu and down to add mask from disk Forum mask 15 MB and SW
  14. Merge the mask layer group then drag this layer down under the first house layer so it looks something like this.


  15. Open the tree FB 10 and size down to 180px height and paste on your working window then move to the right bottom letting the roots go off the picture.
  16. Using the crop tool crop the picture back down to 650x 250
  17. Open the tombstones and place as I have done or where you would like. ( see below for my placement.)The center tombstone is behind the grass layer.add-tombstones
  18. Open the ghost and size down to 120 px then copy and paste to your image placing it above the house and behind the center tombstone:add-ghost
  19. Open the word art (Happy Halloween) copy and paste to your new image placing the wording behind the tree (rt side)add-wordart
  20. Open the black cat and size down then place next to tree on right side and on left of small (rt) tombstoneadd-cat

  21. Merge all layers then go to the plugins menu and down to AAA Frames Foto Frame using these settings:

  22. Add Copyright info and the name you would like:

Step Two Av

  1. Open a new window 150 x150

  2. Open elements house, witch and tombstone

  3. Fill with black

  4. Add noise

  5. Using xeno 2 plugin set to lightening with these settings


  6. Size down and add FB 14 ( the house )

  7. Open and size down then copy and paste the ghost FB 9 to your av
  8. Using AAA Frames again with same settings add to your av
  9. Add copyright info and name or letter
That's it hope you liked this tutorial . If you would like to share your finished tags with me please e-mail me at
© Debbie's Kraft Korner 2015
All Rights Reserved
Designed and Maintained by Debbie's Kraft Korner