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1 picture or background and your imagination



Step 1

open your background or tag you want the curved writing on ..


Step 2

Click on your circle preset tool

Draw out a circle where you want the font to show like in the picture at the top here. Below is how I set mine as I want it about at the edge of the picture ..

Step 3

Click on your pen to and go back to the circle you just drew.. then right click on the little box at the edge of the circle.
A window will appear and you want to click on change to path .. ( This makes the circle a path to type on )


The above picture is of the tool bar with the pen on it .. Below is the popup that comes up when you right click on the tiny square on the circle ..


Now that you have made the circle a path .. we go and click on the font tool .. then type what we want on the path of the circle like so ....

Was that easy .. now in your layer palette turn off the circle so the font looks like you did it with out help...
then you can convert it to a raster layer and bevel or do other effects you would like ..

Please don't for get with any tag add copyright info and give credit to those that should get it ..
Each artist takes the time to make tubes or share their art so please give them the credit and share your tags with them as well

Here is another one I did so you can see what happens when you reverse the path ..



To reverse the path you follow the above steps then after you covert to path while you are on the pen tool you right click on the square again and click edit then click reverse path .. NOTE: THE EDIT MENU WILL NOT SHOW IN LESS YOU HAVE ALREADY CHANGED YOUR VECTOR LAYER TO A PATH ..


Hope this tutorial is helpful and if any one would like to send me results they did by doing this tutorial I would love to see them


Thank you


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