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This tutorial was written by me and any resemblance to it is by chance.

Do not repost this tutorial to any site. A working knowledge of PSP is assumed I am using PSP Version Paint Shop x5 and should work with any other version.

If you are a group and would like to use this tutorial for a challenge or just to post the link please post the link only to send them here.

If you wish to share with groups send them here to do the tutorial.

If as a group you would like to share your results with me please with the subject Group shares tutorial Butterflies Among us.

I also want to thank all my testers in advance for all the work to help get this to a level everyone can understand and work with.


The tube I am using is Silly butterfly by Aleksandra. You need a license which you can get from

I made the word art which you can find on my blog located at

Font I used is Brush Std

Mura's Mister Copies
Eyecandy 4000
Filters Unlimited Paper Texture ( Canvas fine, Cotton paper fine)
AAA Frames Reflection Effects ( this is part of Paint shop ) Kelidescope


Let's get started


Open and minimize your tube wordart and anything else you would like to use.

First we are going to make the background of the small square in the center .

Open and duplicate your tube so we don't damage the orginal file .. I am using the bottom girl with wings for this . Minimize the orginal as we will need to get from it again.

USing the duplicate size down this to 60 percent of the size and it should be about 85 x? Mine is 92x90 or something like that depending on the tube used .

Copy your new sized down tube to a new window 250x250

Using Mura's Meister Copies use these settings :


open new window with settings 650 x 250

Take the butterfly from the original tube layers, copy then paste as new layer on working window.

Using Mura's Meister Copies use these settings :

Then duplicate layer and flip ( horizontal)so this covers the window

Fill background with #d79cc7 or a color from your tube ( make it a light color as it peeks through the next layer) Add new layer ( raster) copy and paste the butterfly on to this layer using the Using Mura's Meister Copies use these settings : or settings of your choice fill this layer as shown below then duplicate the layer and flip ( horizontal)




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