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My photographs may be used for Personal Use Only - No Commercial Use of Snags and/or Tags (if one wishes to use for Commercial use please contact me for fees). Please credit me on all creations with ŠArizona Photos by Jym https://nddesigns.us/jyms. If anyone makes Cards or Pages with any of these Snags or tags, or out of any of my photos send a copy of it to me Click here

Tutorial writers may use my Photographs, Tubes and Mists in their tutorials, all I ask is to please provide a link to my site in your tutorials crediting ŠArizona Photos by Jym. Do not supply the images with your tutorials - direct users to my email to ask for them to download. I would love to see any creations or work done with my photos. Feel free to send them to me. Click here

You may use my Photos and/or Tubes and Mists with other artists' work if permitted by the artists... credit to me with Photo by Arizona Photos by Jym is required. And where permitted address as well https://nddesigns.us/jyms.

By downloading my files to your hard drive, you agree to abide by the Terms of Use. I reserved the right to change these terms as needed.

Thank you in advance for complying with these terms.

Jym Wells


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Jym's Snags and Tags
Country Roads Super Spring Still Water
Roses R Red Almost Heaven Sunshine

Scroll Dreaming Valentines
Nature Home Sweet Home To Come

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Tags Snags Tags

Prayer Arizona Alone
I Should Love Is Live-Laugh-Love

True Love Memories Wish Upon A Star
Mountain High In God We'll Trust Simply

Nature Remember Still Water
Sunshine Scroll Dreaming

Stormy Valentines Bad Medicine
Moon Love Rest

Nature Home Sweet Home To Come
To Come To Come To Come

To Come To Come To Come
To Come To Come To Come

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