Arizona Photos by Jym

Terms Of Use

My photographs may be used for Personal Use Only - No Commercial Use of Snags and/or Tags (if one wishes to use for Commercial use please contact me for fees). Please credit me on all creations with ©Arizona Photos by Jym... http://nddesigns.us/jyms. If anyone makes Cards or Pages with any of these Snags or tags, or out of any of my photos send a copy of it to me E mail me

Tutorial writers may use my Photographs, Tubes & Mists in their tutorials, all I ask is to please provide a link to my store in your tutorials crediting ©Arizona Photos by Jym. Do not supply the images with your tutorials - direct users to my store for them to download. I would love to see any creations or work done with my photos. Feel free to send them to me. E mail me

You may use my Photos and/or Tubes & Mists with other artists' work if permitted by the artists... credit to me with Photo by Arizona Photos by Jym is required. And where permitted address as well http://nddesigns.us/jyms

By downloading my files to your hard drive, you agree to abide by the Terms of Use. I reserved the right to change these terms as needed.

Thank you in advance for complying with these terms

Jym Wells

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