starting out Israel Flower, Cyclamen persicum

Wild plants have heart-shaped leaves, up to 14 cm (6 in) usually green with lighter marbling on the upper surface.
Flowers bloom from winter to spring (var. persicum) or in autumn (var. autumnale) and have 5 small sepals and 5 upswept petals, usually white to pale pink with a band of deep pink to magenta at the base. After pollination, the flower stem curls downwards slightly as the pod develops, but does not coil as in other cyclamens. Plants go dormant in summer.

The picture at the top is done with a Moonflower picture. Her work can be found at My Tubed Art The second picture of the flower is done by Images by Debs and can be found at My Tubed Art as well. Please note The flower in the picture is not a Cyclamen as I have no way of getting a picture of that specific flower today. Thank you to both artists for letting me use thier work on my page.

Cyclamen persicum

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