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This page is all about me.

1.Here are some pictures I took and my cat squeaker(Miss Kitty).

I am in my late 30's and newly married 1 year to Jym. I love to work on crafts both on and off the computer. My crafting on the computer is going on 8 yrs now and my
cross stitch and plastic canvas I have been doing since grammar school. I love horses and other animals including our two cats Stormy and Miss Kitty ( Squeaker).
Squeaker known as Jym keeps calling her is my cat and is just over 1yr old and she is just amazing to be with. Stormy is older about 6 yrs now and is 28 pounds though not fat is known as tom cat or big cat .. and do they talk ..
Stormy is part Siamese so we think that is where he gets his voice. So since he is a talker she is too and do they talk. Talking for food for a litter change,
for water and Squeaker also likes to soak in the sun so she asks to go out and wow does not run from the house area .. it’s pretty neat .. well enough about me and the cats.

The picture by ©Moonflower
you can find her work at MoonFlower at Deviantart
You need a license to use her work which you can also get at
My Tubed Art

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