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This tutorial was writen by me and any resemblance to it is by chance. Do not repost this tutorial to any site. A working knowledge of PSP is assumed I am using PSP Version Paint Shop x5 and should work with any other version.

If you are a group and would like to use this tutorial for a challenge or just to post the link please post the link only to send them here.

If you wish to share with groups send them here to do the tutorial. If as a group you would like to share your results with me please with the subject group shares tutorial Eternal love.

I also want to thank all my testers in advance for all the work to help get this to a level everyone can understand and work with.


Here are the supplies I used though you may use any kit or tube you wish.

Kit by Bits N Bobs called Birds N Bees can find at Pics for Design

Second Kit is an add on by Bits N Bobs
can find at Birds N Bees Add On

Tube by Dark Yarrow you can also find at Snowflake by Dark Yarrow

Note you need a license to use this tube from Digital Charos

Word Art by DKK (ME) which you can get here

Font I used is Segoe Script

<h2>Plugins needed </h2>
AAA Frames
Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow
Mura's Copies (optional)

Need to see the pictures bigger just click on them .. then to return to this screen click the Browser back arrow .

Let's get started


Please take note: some elements are from the Kit and some are from the add on and will label as such
Open paper: BNB-BABP3
open elements from Kit:BNB-BAB9 BNB-BAB37
open elements from ADD ON: BNB-BABOA8 BNB-BABOA19 Open the word art: sprfrst_wordart_dkk2014
Open a new window 830x310 or size you would like.
Copy and close all orginals

Open background BNB-BABP3 copy then paste as new layer in your working window. See picture to move the background to show like mine.

Make the frame by using the AAA Frames with the following settings.

For this step there are two ways to do it : first is simple copy and move.
Open the flower BNB-BAB37 size down to 150px height then copy to working window.

Using a simple duplicate and move to make this layer put one in the center bottom middle then duplicate and move to the right and down offset to the center. Continueing this accross the window.
Or usings Mura's copies you can use these settings:

Now we add the trellis

Now we add the tube

Now we add the birds near the tree on the left. As I did below.

Now we add a bird near trellis on the right. As I did below.

Open the wordart and size to your liking and place it under the birds.

Add name and cc information. Since this is a facebook set they do not want the site on it so I did mine

For the av I used the select tool as a square and selected the right side of the the timeline before I put the cc info. and the name on it . Then copied it to a new window and sized it down to 180x 180px. Add the same frame to the av as you did to the timeline see above for settings information.

Then add your cc info. and the name or letter you wish.

Your done. hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you would like to send me a finished tag you can send by clicking on the e-mail link below and using the subject Eternal tutorial.