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Spring Tags and snags

Spring Tags

Spring tags and snags using the work of Alex Prihodko. I made this the other night using the tutorial Spring time tutorial I also used the kit Spring is in the air

Spring Tags


You can find Alex’s work at Pics for Design store . You need a license to use his work which you can get at the store too.  You can also check out their group located on Facebook. Snag set snags to match this tag there is also a welcome to PFD for the group.

The kit I used is supplies from the tutorial and Free to Use and you can get at fantastically-free-blog-train-hop-into Spring. Please make sure if you grab the kit you say thank you .. This is the only way artists of these free kits know there kits are taken and used. To the artist of the tube and kit thank you for sharing your work .

If you would like to see more tags I have made you can search this blog or just click on tags in the sidebar. All my snags are located through my snag site here.

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Seeing as I have been busy with other things I have closed my shop for the time being soon to be reopened .

Here is a neat poem I found today on

The Doubles

In the dressing room at Macy’s,
I run into all my old bodies.
We are reunited when I hear them
shuffling in the walls, sense them
beneath the dirty carpet. Their hips
lurching out of drywall. Their breasts
swelling against the concrete floor.
I congratulate one on her thin legs.
We commiserate about side-boob.
We try on dresses from the junior’s section
and laugh. Relive our proms, our red-haired
date who cried the whole night
about that other girl. We kiss. Arm-wrestle.
Bitch-slap. Wish we were never born.
When we part we look at each other longingly,
doe-eyed. The way two mirrors,
when you put them opposite, reflect
each other forever and ever.

Kara van de Graaf

Issue 83

Thank you for looking ..

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