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Designing a blog for Paully

Designing a blog for Paully

Hi everyone , it’s me . I designed a blog page and a header for my dear friend Paully. Designing the blog for her was an interesting task as she makes the most beautiful tags and I was not sure I could bring my tags up to her level. Though I got through it and here I will share the signature tag set. I am also sharing the link to the blog so you can see what I did there . She has snags ( tags with words) and tutorials (directions to make some of the tags on her site).  Hope you like what I made and go to see her site as well.

The signature tag set:  designing hearts_p_dkk2017designing hearts_paully_dkk2017

Paully’s blog is located here  .

The Tutorial I used is Thankful and is located here at the Creative Addictions site. Vabs is also the writer of the tutorial .

The background of the tag is from the kit DBV_Shabby_Love_kit and can be found on Vabs’ site located here

The designer of the poser is Stan Dudin and his work can be found at Pics for Design. Thank you Stan for sharing your work.

The set I made for Stan .

hearts_s_dkk2017 designing

In other news I am working on sites this week so come back and look as we are changing things on our sites.


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