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Thought of the day


I figured as a filler I would put up some thoughts that are share with me by thought’s of the day .. from a group I am in .. I may change them up or do something different on a daily basis though this is a start ..

The day will happen whether or not you get up.

John Ciardi

here is a poem I found to day on

The Philosopher Did Not Say

Jennifer Franklin

What secret had Nietzsche discovered
when he walked the Turin streets
before he flung his arms around
a horse being beaten and collapsed
into a decade-long coma? Clinging
to the cowering brown beast, he said
Mother, I am stupid. Wild hair and a three-
piece tweed suit constrained the body
that held the mind that knew too much.
Why am I mining dead men for answers
when they were all as mad as I am?
The horse, his eyes hollow as those
of the Burmese elephant that Orwell shot
decades later, had the look of every
betrayed creature. Perhaps Nietzsche
saw the shock in the animal’s eyes—
how every human contains the capacity
to inflict cruelty. The look that turns
to recognition, to resignation, to an eye
reflecting a field full of fallen horses.

( I do not take any credit for the poem or thought I posted I am just sharing .)


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