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Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas


Blue Christmas is something of a theme with me .. seems I had 2  tags one new 2015 and one old 2013 . so I hope at least for this Christmas these are nice .

It’s a Blue Christmas again this year so I made this tag and going to make a timeline set as well.

The tutorial is    by  unsure who did the tutorial at this time ..

The Tube is by Fania-Love and can be found at Digital Art Heaven.




An old tag I did also called Blue Christmas I am going to add her too since the post is the same.

Seeing as this was done a few years back I am not sure if I used a tutorial or did my own thing ..

The tube is by Bits N Bobs though at the time was at Pics for design .. Though now she is selling at My tubed Art . I don’t know if the tube is still available ..   I use a vip license since I am have an unlimited license.



Blue Christmas

Hope you like these two tags I made over a time of 3 years ..


Thank you for looking


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